About Us

Solid-Tech was established in 2012. Focus on the technical service and sales service of automation equipment and relevant systems, R&D of new automation technology. We are dedicated to building an overall service platform to serve the manufacturing industry, power & energy industry, and rail transportation industry. We not only provide high-quality products, but also provide professional industrial solutions and customized services for our customers





5million yuan

Registered Capital

Our Core Competence

We, upon incorporation, have been constantly forging adead, honing our technology, to face the challenges in future. We not only provide professional technical service and business service in the industrial field, but also invest a lot in the R&D of new automation technologies. For Solid-Tech-ers, technological innovation and progress is the core competence of the market.

Our Core Business

At present, Solid-Tech has established stable and long-term relationships with well-known automation companies like Drei Bond GmbH and Indu-Sol GmbH. Providing strong support for German technology to serve China's manufacturing industry.

Corporate Culture

Think carefully before making a decision, and try your best to do anything;
Reputation is the result of integrity; Glorious image is the accumulation of moral cultivation.